Cutaway was founded by Luca Tagliavia whom, by exploiting his vast experience in Information Technology, has taken up the challenge of a dynamic market that lives the fast technological evolution of our times. The globalization of markets, the continuous development of new applications, the exponential employment of Internet and the transformation of telecommunications led the information architecture to be more complex and articulated. To submit a valid response to these challenges, Cutaway relies on professionals with proven technical experience and young talents that have joined the spirit and vision of the company.

Cutaway is made of his people, who are dynamic and enthusiastic, who work in compliance with four core values ​​to ensure customer satisfaction:
  • Transparence: Cutaway’s people deliver what they promised
  • Competence: Cutaway’s people know what to do and how to do it
  • Proactivity: Cutaway’s people don’t wait, but propose
  • Adaptability: Cutaway’s people work on a light structure, enable to keep up with the dynamics of the market and the technology

The daily commitment of Cutaway is to offer to its customers - in the 'field of Information Technology - specialized consulting services in the real value and at reasonable cost, supporting them in their innovation needs, as close partners, dynamic and reliable. To do this Cutaway relies entirely on people, their skills and ideas, promoting the contribution of each individual in order to enrich and consolidate the company know-how.

Only by working under such policy, Cutaway believes he can improve the competitiveness, reinforcing its market position and thus satisfying the expectations of company profits. The policy for quality is therefore a strategic asset and as such, is defined, implemented and periodically reviewed by the company management, which is the highest level of responsibility of Cutaway.

The specific objectives that Cutaway intends to pursue through adherence to its policy are:
  • Consolidate and improve the quality management system introduced by the Company, by promoting the "quality culture", among Cutaway’s people.
  • Reinforcing its presence in the market.
  • Optimize their own processes verifying the effectiveness and efficiency, by monitoring the level of customer satisfaction, with the aim of achieving a quality service increasingly better.
  • Grow their own team within an organized structure, but always slender and dynamic.
  • Develop centers of internal specialist expertise to ensure to Cutaway staff and customers, a high level of professionalism aligned to technical changes and of the market.

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