I Punti di Forza Cutaway

We wish to be the natural choice for all our current and potential customers, providing excellent quality products and services through continuous improvements, strategies and skills.

Team: The wealth of a company like Cutaway is based on the team composed by a team of professionals, selected for their worth, with a particular predisposition to an assertive attitude, proactive and with a strong focus on customer satisfaction. All our specialists have many years of experience and high preparation in continuous and constant update. Cutaway uses organizational models and instruments in accordance to the process of certificated quality ISO 9001:2008 that provides concrete answers to the customers and guarantees, at each time, the optimal solutions.

Costs: The possibility to maintain a high dynamic in process solutions business, new development and  change requests, allows Cutaway to provide a product of high performance with a minimum cost of manufacturing.

Skills: The know-how of Cutaway ranges all over the fields of new and established technologies, providing a capacity of intervention on all existing problematics for IT and ICT so to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Technology: Thanks to direct partnership with major brands in the enterprise market, we provide assistance and reliable solutions, of high level of security and performance, always guaranteeing a personal solution.

Consulting: A wide network of specialized collaborators allows Cutaway to provide updated advisory on issues ranging from developer security to disaster recovery and from the infrastructures realization to the design of corporate image.

Monitoring: Cutaway offers the possibility to monitor the network 24 hours a day through a system ad hoc and can ensure , in case of a system default, the well-timed intervention of specialized technicians thanks to a throughout availability dedicated service.

Training: Analyzing specific problems and providing the availability of training -on the- job modality sessions, Cutaway may organize with the client a path ad hoc for IT staff by supplying all the necessary skills and best technology tools to meet the needs for growth and development.

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